Inspire Golf is unlike anything in the industry, as we “coach” our clients on how to truly play the game of golf better, instead of getting stuck in a never-ending rut of working on technique only, as most organized instruction preaches.

Inspire is not a fad or method of golf instruction, but rather a means to learn the intricate facts of the complex game of golf, and how that translates into helping every individual maximize their potential and enjoyment of the game.

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Inspire Golf was formed from a player’s and coach’s point of view; its sole mission to teach golfers of all abilities how to better think their way around the course, understand the specifics of their golf games, and learn these traits while unwinding in some of the country’s top golf vacation destinations.



We help clients:

  • Identify specific tendencies and patterns within their golf game
  • Adjust to maximize efficiency of these traits
  • Understand current course conditions and effects
  • Manage the golf course intelligently
  • Anticipate nerve-wracking situations and create calm
  • Improve swing in relation to what the client is capable of (NOT the prototypical model golfer)
  • Learn the above in relation to the client’s own, unique method of understanding

Our highly experienced staff will of course also address technical concerns on a per-client basis, similar to a typical golf school. But where we stand alone is our focus on coaching clients to truly learn how to play the game of golf, not golf swing.

What does that mean?

What only our coaches can teach: A tested, unmatched understanding of golf at its highest level, with the ability to pass along that knowledge to any level of golfer. In other words, how to most efficiently play better golf without reinventing the wheel.

Our staff therefore consists of a mix of those who know the game best: Elite college coaches and professional golfers, so clients know they’re learning from players who have encountered every situation possible on a golf course.



  • Every extended weekend getaway features a keynote golf celebrity to help make sense of the game, share a few stories and perhaps a laugh or two, and create a memorable experience for years to come.
  • All clients receive a personalized plan created by the coaches and exclusive, one-year access to the Inspire Golf staff for follow-up progress consultations.
  • Every retreat offers a relaxed social setting and additional, non-golf activities to encourage a true vacation feel, instead of an intensive, all-work-no-play golf school.



There are hundreds of golf schools and academies across the world — and those have their place to build a foundation for the game — but none match the motivational, game-transforming experience we provide through a simple, deeper understanding of the game of golf.

Inspire Golf: Be coached. Be moved.

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