The secret of golf

So, against the strong advice from golf’s inner sanctum, I am going to share the secret of golf.  Ready?

Ok, here it goes: There is no secret.

Yes, I’m saying there’s no miracle cure, no “do this and you’ll be a great golfer for the rest of your life,” no training aid, swing thought, golf club, method instruction, amount of hours on the range, golf guru (whatever that means), sports psychologist, or anything else you could fathom that is a cure-all answer to becoming the golfer you always wanted to be.

I learned at a very young age – scratch that, am still learning at 37 years old every time I touch a golf club, that the biggest secret about golf is there really is no one thing that makes us become a better player.

We all learn differently, all have our good and bad days, and, at a competitive level, all compete best in very different manners.  Kind of like the world we live in, right?

Tin CupWhat’s right for one person isn’t necessarily right for someone else. Hence politics, religion, wars, favorite football team, and every other source of difference we’ve lived since the dawn of our history.

Such is life and such is golf.  And the quicker we start to realize this in a golf sense, just as in life, the faster we improve because we’re comforted by the fact that golf isn’t a perfect or an easy game.

If there were a secret that most golfers just can’t seem to stomach, it’s exactly this: Understanding that instead of a cure-all, it’s bits and pieces of many things and understanding what works best for us that truly makes us better players.

The key there is put in the work to find out what is best for each one of us, individually, (i.e. the most reliable way we swing the club under pressure, the best type of putter that suits our stroke/eye, the most effective way to practice) and then stick with it.  No second-guessing, no trying something new because you heard a random person giving a lesson on the range and what he said to whomever he was speaking to sounded good (you know you’re guilty of this), no cure-all training aids that you saw on Golf Channel, and absolutely no wondering if the approach you’re taking is wrong just because you had a bad day out there.

If anything, this is the secret the best players in the world take with themselves to the course every day.  They found out what works for them and they stay with it.  Kind of like the secret to happiness in life, right?