coaching pic Burstyn-LevyWhy create inspire Golf Retreats?

Because the golf industry needs it.

Guess that’s the simple answer, but the in-depth reason inspire was created is because, in all my years of playing, teaching and coaching (over 30), I’ve been amazed at the two main components the golf industry focuses on: technical instruction and equipment.

And, well, I’ve been amazed at how, after falling into those illusive traps myself while vying to make a living at the game, those are only two, small components of becoming a great player.

Do you need a solid technical foundation to play good golf?  Of course.  Does getting “fit” for the right clubs make all the difference in the world?  It definitely can.

But — and here’s the special sauce in the whole equation — while having a good golf swing and the right clubs helps, it doesn’t mean squat if you don’t know how to play the game, how to get your swing back on track when it’s off, and, basically, know who the heck you are as a golfer.

So, what it comes down to is there needs to be more.  More to the game — or, to the instruction of the game — that focuses on the other stuff, like finding out how to really play the game to the best of your ability, as the player you are, and what, in essence, ‘playing’ the game really is.

Hence, inspire Golf.

The thought is simple: I’m a born coach.  And there are others like me, whether they are fellow college coaches, touring pros, or some current/former combination, that love teaching people how to play the game of golf and are damn good at it.

Not golf swing, mind you — although inspire clients will undoubtedly come away from a retreat with better technical fundamentals — but the game itself, which calls for an acute understanding how to effectively get the ball from the tee box into the hole, an elevated awareness of what makes you tick as a golfer (including swing tendencies, nerves, understanding course conditions/management), and an overall sense of how to put it all together.

So, in getting these like-minded coaches together in one, instructional forum, inspire Golf is able to bridge the gap of what drives the golf industry — technical instruction and equipment — by allowing people to, simply put, enjoy the game of golf more.

Together with an environment that oozes relaxation and fun (insert Colorado mountains and Arizona desert, with a social atmosphere in mind and a keynote golf celebrity at every retreat to entertain), inspire is able offer something the golf industry just doesn’t have right now.

Still not quite sure what we’re all about?

Give us a shot and I promise that our honest, playing-the-game centered approach will transform your enjoyment of the game of golf for the rest of your life.

Jon Levy, Founder — inspire Golf