Frequently asked questions about inspire Golf:

  • Why should I choose inspire over a typical golf school?

Because without having to ever hit another shot, you’ll already be a better golfer.  As opposed to most golf schools, where you’d be pounding golf balls on the range and breaking down your technique piece by piece, inspire shows you a practical, what’s-best-for-you-individually approach that’s centered on the course, and in your mind.  This translates to an evolved view of the game of golf for the rest of your life.

  • I’ve played golf for years and work with a local teaching pro on my swing regularly — are you telling me inspire is going to rewrite everything I know and I shouldn’t be trying to perfect my game with my instructor?

No, inspire‘s mission is to teach clients a new understanding of the game, not address what’s right or wrong with a specific method of swinging or learning the game.  In other words, we’re not here to change what you’ve been doing with your teaching pro or say any part of that is incorrect, but rather explain how golf is played at its highest level.  Of course we’ll answer any swing questions you have and address golf swings on a per-case basis, but the premise behind inspire is to have clients come away with a golf-life-altering view of the game and how to play it.  And because inspire‘s staff consists of college coaches and touring pros, you know you’re getting an unparalleled view from those who know golf at its highest level.

  • Why is inspire‘s staff the best suited group to show me how to ‘play’ the game, like you explain in your message?

Because, unlike what you find in the majority of golf instruction across the world, inspire‘s staff has seen the highest levels of the game first-hand, and that’s something that just can’t be replicated.

  • What’s the overall atmosphere of an inspire retreat like?

inspire Golf retreats offer a relaxed, fun atmosphere that give clients both the feel of a unique place where you can learn, and a place where you can unwind as if you’re on a vacation.  You’ll work hard and learn in the morning and afternoon, and have a drink and share a story or two with the coaches at night.  inspire Golf retreats are the perfect balance of work and play.